Micro-Influencers are still hot in 2019

Renata Rivera

Influencer Marketing

If you use social media for work, you probably have heard the term influencer marketing or digital influencers. Or perhaps you were introduced to this by watching the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix which has given influencers a bad name. The reality is that there are thousands of respectful influencers that brands are lining up to work with. According to Mediakix, influencer marketing is likely to become a $5 to $10 billion industry by 2020. Even though brands might calculate ROI differently, they all agree that influencer marketing truly works.

According to Influencity- There are many different kinds of influencers, from the Kim Kardashians of the world to mommy bloggers.

Previously top Instagram influencers or digital influencers were considered those accounts that had over a million followers and were making the big bucks online. They were viewed as mega influencers but little did we know that macro, micro and even nano influencers would follow helping brands shine and making a living off influencer marketing.

Why do Brands Want to Work With Influencers

Traditional advertising is practically dead, and now huge brands are scratching their heads on how to evolve with the ever-changing digital world. They realize that the online world is super noisy, making it very difficult for them to reach audiences, so working with micro influencers and nano influencers is a win-win. Why? Because these influencers, have a real authentic connection with their audience. People nowadays are not buying just to buy or have, but they are investing in brands and products they believe in. We have a deeper connection to the reasons why we buy. Consumers also want to promote local businesses, smaller businesses, and smaller social media accounts. It is a way to give back to all the tips, advice, and ideas they receive.

Types of Influencers

I have seen variations of # of followers to define these types of influencers, but I really like this chart by Social Bakers.

influencer marketing number of followers micro

Many brands view less than a 1000 followers to be nano influencers and some PR companies look at micro influencers as having between 20,000 – 50,000 so it does change depending on who you talk too. But one thing is certain, micro-influencers statistically have a larger engagement rate. They have a stronger connection with their audience and they can cover everything for mommy tips, fashion, beauty, food, travel, pets and even business.

How to find micro-influencers for your brand

First and foremost, look at your target audience and your brand’s core values. Where do these people hangout? Nowadays most businesses and friends would say they hang out on Instagram. If that is your case too, then begin there. Start digging up some hashtags related to your hashtags and also look for related hashtags on Instagram. See what hashtags they are using so you can find look-alike accounts. Make a list of groups of hashtags related to the different categories your business or brand offers. If you are a restaurant, some hashtag groups can be:

  • General Food & Places to Eat
  • Appetizers
  • Happy Hour
  • Brunch
  • Dinners

Then find relative hashtags that you can save for each group and do your research. Don’t forget to also check geotags on Instagram. Look up your city and see who is trending in stories and in the explore section for those hashtags. After your research, you can create a list of potential influencers.

Engagement Matters

influencer marketing for smaller accounts
Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

Find accounts that have at least a 3.5% engagement rate in relation to the number of followers. So for example, if the account has 1,000 followers, then the average likes on the photos should be at least 35. Higher engaged accounts have anywhere between 6-10% engagement rate. This will show you how engaged the audience is with that content creator.

One other way to find the right influencer for your brand is to attend local events where local bloggers are at. Perhaps you have different chapters in different cities, and your reps can participate in different events. In South Florida, we have The Bloggers Union, Boss Bloggers Mia as well as us Trending Influencers ( Brazilian Influencer Group).



Influencer marketing, will continue to evolve and we must follow the flow and pay attention to the trends. We believe that micro-influencers and nano-influencers, will continue bringing tremendous value to big brands and we will see many exciting partnerships to come.

If you are a South Florida business or a brand looking for South Florida influencers, contact us today. [email protected]






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