Why big brands are loving Brazilian Influencers

Camila Coelho, the most famous Brazilian influencer has become a household name in the fashion and beauty world. Her name alone has over 60k searches a month and she is the top-earning Brazilian blogger and influencer. But there are many other microbloggers that bring a lot of value to a Portuguese audience and big brands are rushing to work with Brazilian influencers.

How do we know? Every time we have a chance to talk about our group of South Florida Brazilian influencers, ears perk up and eyes open wide. Why? Because first we are in South Florida where there is a large community of Brazilians and secondly because of the high influx of Brazilian tourists in Florida in general. Secondly, because brands have seen the value that the Brazilian community brings.




Here are the top reasons why Big Brands are loving working with Brazilian Influencers


#1. Portuguese. Brazilians speak Portuguese. Yes, this is true. We do not speak Spanish. Brazil is the biggest country in South America but Portuguese is the 6th most spoken language in the world. Thus a Brazilian influencer can reach people in Brazil, Portugal and of course where ever Brazilians reside which you would be surprised in a lot of places. According to Brown University, “ The United States is home to the largest population of Brazilians in the world outside of Brazil. The majority of these Brazilians live in New York, Massachusetts, Florida, and California. “ Is estimated that Florida has over 300,000 Brazilians.




#2. Brazilians love to show off. This may sound like a negative trait and believe me sometimes there is a lot of pressure to live up to Brazilian standards, but the truth of the matter is that Brazilians will spend money, especially to compete. I mean they will spend 4 months worth of salary just to get the latest phone or split monthly payments just to wear a high brand name. So when Brazilians see an influencer post a beauty product or something they have never seen before, believe me, they will buy. This allows for great opportunities for brands and influencers.

#3. The Brazilian economy. Brazil has one of the highest inflations in the world making products especially beauty, kids and electronic products extremely expensive. So when Brazilians travel to the US they make big purchases. Many parents, for example, will fly to Florida and buy all of their baby clothes and even furniture and complete all of the wardrobes for the baby to arrive. Yes, it is cheaper to buy baby clothes in the USA even with the flight expense.

Aline Lowry

#4. Brazilians love self-care. As stated in point #2, Brazilians love to show up and this definitely extends to their physical appearances. According to Euromonitor, the beauty and personal care market in Brazil is forecast to reach 34.59 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. This is one industry that doesn’t slow down. Brazilian women love to go to the salon every week and spend lots of money with body treatments. Brazil is the second largest country with the most plastic surgery procedures, only losing to the US. in 2016, during the Olympics, Forbes stated that Brazil gets the silver medal for plastic surgery.

The big emphasis on physical appearances makes the Brazilian market a great market for beauty, skincare, and fashion.



#5. Brazilians love to travel. I am not sure if you have been to Orlando, but lately, it feels like a little Brazil. Everywhere you go, there are Brazilians speaking Portuguese, Brazilian cuisine and even Brazilian fashion. In 2017, Miami Herald reported that 1 million Brazilians visit Florida every here. This means that the Florida market alone can target to 1.3 million Brazilians. They also stated that: In 2016, Brazilians tourists spent $11.6 billion nationwide”



With this much purchasing power, the Brazilian consumer market is a community that brands and businesses need to pay attention too.

If you are a brand looking for Brazilian influencers than you have come to the right place. Trending Influencers is a community of Brazilian Bloggers and Influencers in the US. Contact us today and tell us about your event and collab idea. We would love to introduce you to our Brazilian group. [email protected] 


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